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Makers Playgroup

Launching Dec 2023

Makers Playgroup

Plain as Play's Makers Playgroup provides an enriching environment specially designed to nurture the growth and development of our littlest ones. It's a place where little ones embark on an exciting journey of exploration, creativity, and social interaction.


Our curated programme stimulates their curious minds, helping them develop essential cognitive, motor, and communication skills. Its also a supportive space for our little ones to forge their first friendships, fostering crucial social skills like sharing, cooperation, and empathy.

How It Works

Makers Playgroup is meant to be an intimate group setting to ensure individualized facilitation and meaningful connections, therefore...this membership is limited in numbers. 

With our launch imminent in December, we are opening up our waitlist for you to indicate your interest.

Makers Playgroup Membership:

Access to the Makers Playgroup Membership includes a minimum of 6 (six) playgroup sessions per calendar month.

$480/month (Min. 3 months commitment)

Registration of interest does not guarantee placement in the Makers Playgroup Membership, we will strive to inform you of your status as soon as possible.

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